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Viral Infections

The skin is the largest and the most exposed part of the body. It functions by protecting the internal organs by environmental debris, bacteria, and viruses. However, there are times when the skin itself gets infected. This can be due to bacteria, virus, or fungi. The symptoms caused by a viral skin infection ranges from mild to potentially serious.

While mild infections can be treated with over the counter medications, aggressive measures are needed to treat the more serious symptoms. A viral infection is caused when the skin gets infected by herpes zoster virus, chickenpox, warts, and measles. These infections require treatment and a consultation with a physician is required.

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Some of the common viruses that affect the skin causing viral infections are poxvirus, HPV, and herpes virus. These viruses either get transmitted from an infected person or can infect the skin from the environment.

The primary presenting symptoms of a viral infection is the presence of a skin rash which will be red in color and can be itchy and painful. The area around the rash will be tender. In some cases, the rash will be filled with pus and will ooze fluid when popped or ruptured. In such instances, a consultation with a physician is recommended for treatment and preventing the infection from spreading.

A severe viral skin infection will cause

  • Pus
  • Blisters
  • Skin breakdown
  • Skin discoloration

Minor viral infections go away themselves once the infection runs its course. This may take anywhere from a few days to maximum a week. In cases of a severe infection, antiviral medication will be required for treatment of the infection.

In case if an individual suspects that the infection is spreading or getting worse, then it is best to consult with a dermatologist to determine the best course of action for treatment of a Viral Infection.

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