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Urticaria which is also known by the name of Hives occurs due to a skin reaction causing red itchy bumps. The sizes of these bumps or welts are variable and they wax and wane through the time there is active skin reaction. The condition is said to be chronic if the bumps remain for more than a month and continue to wax and wane over months and even years.

The root cause of Urticaria is not yet known. The bumps caused by this condition can be extremely discomforting and interfere with the ability to perform daily household chores. The most preferred treatment for Urticaria includes use of antihistamines and medications to control itching.

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The characteristic bumps seen with Urticaria develop when some cells in the body release histamine that is responsible for causing allergic reaction into the blood along with some other chemicals. Why does this happen is something which physicians are not sure of and why does this condition become chronic.

Some of the triggers which result in development of Urticaria include

  • Pain Medications
  • Insect Bites
  • Infections
  • Constant scratching of skin
  • Stress
  • Exercise
  • Alcohol

The primary symptoms of Urticaria include

  • Patches of erythematous itchy bumps or wheals on the skin surface
  • The size of these wheals is variable and they tend to fade away and again reappear through the time the skin reaction occurs
  • Angioedema of eyelids and lips
  • Worsening of the above symptoms with heat, stress, and exercise
  • Persistence of symptoms for more than a month and carry on for months and even years

The most preferred mode of treatment for Urticaria includes use of antihistamines like Claritin and Allegra along with medications to treat the itching. These medications work by stopping the production of histamines and preventing the development of bumps or welts seen with Urticaria.

If these treatments are not beneficial then it is best to consult with a physician who can recommend the best medication either alone or in combination that will work the best to treat the symptoms of Urticaria.

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