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Pemphigus is a dermatological disorder characterized by formation of blisters and sores on the skin surface and mucous membranes usually around the genital areas and the mouth. It is generally seen in people in their 30s and 40s even though it can occur at any age. Pemphigus is a chronic condition and some variants of this disease are potentially serious and require aggressive treatment. Generally, medications are good enough to control the symptoms of Pemphigus

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Pemphigus is an autoimmune condition. This means that the immune system of the body produces antibodies that attack the skin cells and the mucous membranes mistaking them for foreign invaders. This causes the symptoms as seen with this condition.

Pemphigus is not contagious in any way. Research is still ongoing to identify as to what triggers off the immune system mechanism that causes it to damage the skin cells and the mucous membranes. It has been observed in extremely rare cases where ACE inhibitors have been linked to the development of Pemphigus.

The primary symptom of Pemphigus is the development of skin blisters and lesions on the mucous membranes. These blisters then rupture leaving behind open sores which then ooze pus causing those sores to get infected. There are two common forms of Pemphigus, namely Pemphigus vulgaris and Pemphigus foliaceus. The symptoms of these two variants are different.

While Pemphigus vulgaris causes blisters in the mouth and genital areas which are painful but do not itch, Pemphigus foliaceus causes blisters on the chest, back, and shoulder areas. These blisters are itchy and painful. This type of pemphigus does not cause any blisters in the mouth.

The main focus of treatment is to prevent further formation of blisters. The treatment is most effective when it is started early. Thus it is imperative to get a diagnosis done as quickly as possible for the best prognosis. In cases where a medication is responsible for the blisters then stopping that medication and switching to an alternative is the best way to prevent further blister formation and get rid of Pemphigus.

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