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Contribution towards society - Dr RAJESHWARI

Dr.Rajeshwari’s Global Foundation started by Dr.Rajeshwari focuses on providing care and support for the financially backward people who have been infected with HIV/AIDS and provide them with a ray of hope. The foundation stresses on educating people about HIV. It also conducts programs to highlight measures to take to prevent transformation of HIV/AIDS from mother to child. Dr. Rajeshwari’s Global Foundation is also committed to provide treatment to pregnant women infected with HIV/AIDS who lack access to quality healthcare facilities and also take care of their dependents.

Aside from this, the foundation also conducts frequent health camps in the rural areas where proper healthcare is still a distant dream. The foundation takes care of orphanages and ensures that every orphan child gets best quality education, gets basic healthcare needs, and nutritious food. Dr. Rajeshwari’s Global Foundation also establishes and maintains numerous old age homes to take care of the elders.

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