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Hair Reduction In Males

Body hairs are something that an individual is born with. It provides the outer covering to the skin. Excess hair in males is generally not a cause of worry unless they themselves find it uncomfortable and want to get rid of it. This is seen usually in men who want their skin to be smooth. There are a variety of techniques available to remove unwanted or excess hairs in males. However, before delving into that it is important to have knowledge of the different types of hairs tat grow on the body. This is because it is directly related to the technique that will be best suited for the individual for excess hair removal.

Different Ways Of Hair Reduction In Males

  • Shaving
  • Plucking
  • Threading
  • Waxing
  • Electrolysis
  • Laser Hair Removal

Many people believe that shaving is the most cost effective and perhaps the best way to get rid of unwanted hair, especially in males. However, this is not true and there are multiple procedures that are required to get rid of unwanted hairs even in males.


It works effectively but only in the face and is not that effective for removing hairs in other parts of the body. Some of the common methods for hair reduction in males aside from Shaving include


This is an effective but temporary way of hair reduction in males. This technique usually is effective on the face where the density of the hairs is not that much. However, there is a high likelihood of irritating and damaging the skin surface through plucking.


This is normally done in the nose, chin, and eyebrows. This is not a permanent solution but can be effective for as long as a week.

Hair Removal Cream:

It is a type of a creamy viscous fluid that can be applied directly to the area in question and washed away after some time to completely get rid of the hairs. Again, this is not a permanent solution and there are chances of causing damage to the skin, especially if someone is allergic to the constituents of the cream.


This is also quite an effective but temporary technique for Hair reduction in males. Its effectiveness lasts for about a month. It usually requires a professional and can be done at home as well as a salon.


This is quite a tedious and expensive way of Hair Reduction in Males. This process involves passing of electric current through the hair roots and stop the growth of hairs permanently.

Laser Hair Removal:

This is the most preferred way of Hair Reduction in Males. This process is done on larger body parts to shorten the duration of the procedure. It involves passing a laser beam through the hair follicles to prevent the growth of hairs. This process is especially effective for fair people with dark hair as the melanin present in the hairs absorbs the beam to its maximum and makes the process more effective.

Each session of Laser beam treatment takes about half an hour and for best effectiveness it requires at least 8 sessions of treatment. An individual can consult with a physician to determine the best option for Hair Reduction in Males. Dr. Rajeshwari’s Clinic specializes in hair reduction through laser treatment and has performed this procedure successfully in many patients for 100% results as desired by the patient.

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