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General Nail Care

Nails can be hard to maintain depending on your life style and is one of the important self-care routine you can develop. Nails can signal the health problems such as liver and kidney disease, heart conditions, anaemia, and diabetes. Mistreating your nails like chewing on the nails can affect your overall body.

Signs of Healthy Nails:

  • They're a pink or mauve colour.
  • It has a crescent shaped section.
  • Your hands, nails, and cuticles looks moisturized.

Signs of Unhealthy Nails:

  • They are brittle and break easily
  • Removing and biting the cuticles regularly
  • Swelling around the nails
  • Unhealthy nails will have peeling and splitting

Tips For Healthy Nails?


To develop a healthy nail care routine the first step is to remove dirt and exfoliate dead skin surrounding the nail, apply soap to a toothbrush and gently scrub each part of the nail from the tip to the cuticle. The shorter the nail is the easier it takes to take care of nails.

Handle Nails with Care: Nails are extremely sensitive and handling them harshly may not only injure tem but also may cause infections. Another thing that needs to be avoided is placing metallic tools under the nails. This may cause separation of the nail plate from the skin. This is seen quite commonly in people above the age of 50.

Regular Clipping:

This is also extremely critical for healthy nails. Physicians recommend trimming nails every couple of weeks to keep them healthy.

Nail Painting:

Certain chemicals are toxic to the finger nails and adding a top-coat decreases chipping. Avoid using a remover more than twice per month as the chemicals are very harsh on nails. Frequent exposure to nail polish can cause nails to break and dry, turn nails yellow, and weaken the structure of the nail.

Nail Length:

Having long nails at times look pretty to the eye, especially in females. However, they can be sometimes a cause of worry especially in females who have a history of breaking of nails. For such people, it is recommended to have short nails for some time, as they are much easier to manage and take care of. During this time, the individual can work on building strength around the nail area so that longer nails do not break off and then keeping long nails can be considered.

Don’t Harm Cuticles:The cuticles perform an important function of protecting the base of the nail. Thus if this cuticle is cut or removed the protection to the nail is lost. This puts the individual at risk for many bacterial and viral infections. Thus it is crucial to leave the cuticles alone and protect your nails.

Care for Cuticles:

Many people pick at their cuticles or pull their hangnails, but these habits may cause damage and may increase your risk for infection. Apply oil or hand cream to the nails and skin surrounding the nails to further help reduce peeling skin

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