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Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization is the name given to a wide range of cosmetic procedures done in Transgenders to change masculine facial features to feminine. This may include procedures to enhance the appearance of various facial structures like the cheeks, chin, and jaw by reshaping them. Procedures are also done to tighten up loose skin due to age related changes. The procedures that come under Facial Feminization are aimed at reducing the distress in people who suffer from gender dysphoria. The procedures involved are effective in physical transition of a transgender to the gender he or she wants to be associated with the various procedures that come under Facial Feminization include.

Brow Lift

This is basically a procedure done by plastic surgeons to address the problems of drooping of the eyebrows. It also improves forehead lines and creases to give the individual a more feminine and younger look. A drooping forehead and eyebrows gives the face a more masculine look. A Brow Lift addresses this and creates an eyebrow which is more feminine.

This procedure is necessary in Transgenders to reshape the midportion of the face to give it a more youthful and feminine look. This procedure can be done using dermal fillers, fat grafting, or cheek implant techniques. In cases of a cheek implant, this is inserted through the mouth into the cheek under the facial muscles.

The size of the implant is first selected to give the best shape to the patient. A plump and full cheek gives the face a more feminine look. This procedure results in the individual having increased self-confidence and more in sync with the new feminine look.

This is yet another important procedure for transgenders. Chin Contouring is required especially in cases of male to female transgenders to decrease the prominence of the chin and give it a more feminine look. This is done by reshaping the front portion of the mandible. The main focus of the surgery is to correct the shape and height of the chin in sync with other facial features to make it look more feminine.

Females tend to have larger eyes with a high upper eyelid when compared to males. Eye Feminization addresses this issue by way of certain corrective measures to make the eye look large and feminine give the eyes a more feminine look, there is no specific surgical procedure but certain corrective measures can be done to make the eyes larger. This can be done by placing the brow at a higher level making the eyes look larger. This can be followed by a blepharoplasty procedure which will remove any excess skin and fat around the eyelids to give the eyes a more youthful appearance.

This is quite a common procedure in transgenders. It is a part of anti-aging treatments. Males when they age tend to develop wrinkles on their forehead and the midportion of their face becomes hollow. This problem is addressed by doing a facelift and a neck lift procedure.

Facelift aims at removing the forehead wrinkles and lines and filling up the hollow areas of the face with fillers to give the face a more youthful and feminine appearance. This procedure can also be combined with other ones like a forehead correction, nose correction, chin contouring and the like for a complete face makeover on transgenders.

Forehead Contouring or reshaping is a procedure suited for people who feel that their forehead is not in sync with the rest of their facial features. The size and shape of the forehead may alter the way a person looks, either too masculine or too feminine. Forehead Contouring is performed on females who believe that their forehead is excessively prominent. Males opt for Forehead Contouring if they feel that their forehead is looks too feminine or are not happy with the way their forehead appears. A Forehead Contouring procedure entails restructuring the brow line to decrease its size. The orbital bones are reshaped to reduce the masculine appearance of the forehead. In most cases, the orbital bone is removed, reshaped, and then placed back so that there is no change in the function of the sinuses due to the surgery.

Another feature that is considered masculine is a high forehead that is not in line with other facial features. The Hair Line Lowering Procedure addresses these issues and along with forehead reduction provides a feminine forehead and hairline. This procedure plays a major role in boosting the confidence of the individual and provides the comfort level the individual needs with the female gender.

This is a procedure that is done to improve the appearance of the neck by decreasing the prominence and reshaping the Adams Apple. As a result of this procedure, the appearance of the neck becomes more feminine without any noticeable scarring.

This procedure is done by a plastic surgeon to alter the shape of the upper lip and make it look more feminine. This is done by removing the tissue from the area below the nose. This procedure can lift the upper lip but does not provide the fullness that is a hallmark of a female lip. If a transgender is not happy with the appearance of the lip, then it is best to go for a lip lift procedure. Additionally, Botox injections may also be effective to provide fullness to the upper lip.

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