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Cosmetic Nail Care

Your nails can tell you much more than whether you need a manicure. They’re packed with details about your health. They can show if you have an infection, a serious disease, or even how well you’re eating. Cosmetic nail care includes manicure and pedicure

Signs of Unhealthy Nails:

Unhealthy nails will have peeling and splitting hat is normally caused due to vitamin deficiency there will be small white spots which are an indication that the nails have chewed and bitten regularly.

Removing and biting the cuticles regularly can cause erythema and swelling around the nails. Cosmetic Nail care not only makes your nails more pleasing to the eye but also prevents you from many nail infections.

Read below to know in detail about the components of cosmetic nail care.


Manicure is a form of a beauty treatment exclusively for fingernails and hands. It can be done both at home and at a beauty salon. There are significant benefits of manicure.

Steps to manicure:

Cuticles are softened with the cuticle softener/remover or using small bowl of water. Most nail salons will include a relaxing hand massage and will likely include reflexology techniques by hitting certain pressure points. Nail technician will apply a clear base coat to your nails to even out imperfections, followed by two coats of the colour you choose, and then a clear top coat to seal and protect the manicure.

Benefits of Manicure:

The most obvious benefit of Manicure is improved blood circulation in the hands. It also helps nail growth and keeps the area of the nails moist, as dry nails get brittle and break off. Thus a good manicure treatment is essential for healthy nails and should be protected from harmful chemicals.

How is it Done?

For best Manicure treatment, the first and foremost thing is to choose a salon or a spa that has good hygienic environment. This will prevent infections from spreading due to use of tools and other equipment. The Manicure specialist uses oil, paraffin wax and lotions to clear up the skin from dry cells, clean the cuticles, and make the nails soft.


A pedicure similar to manicure is done to treat the feet and legs. This also can be done at home or the individual can go to a spa. The primary benefit of a Pedicure is to prevent nail disorders in the feet.

Steps to Pedicure

Soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water softens your cuticles and makes them easier to remove. Take care of cuticles and softening up those calluses so they will be easier to handle in the next step. Calluses can be treated using callus stones or foot files. Trim the nails and massage using moisturizer.

How is it Done?

Pedicure has a variety of options within itself to keep the toenails healthy and hygienic. Pedicure also is helpful in dealing with ingrown nails, brittle and weak nails, and prevention of bacteria that may cause infections.

Nail Polishing

Nail Polishing is yet another method of keeping he nails healthy while at the same time make the nails look beautiful. Colored nail polish has been in use since the 1920s. The primary ingredients of a good nail polish are lavender oil, bergamot oil, and Carmine. All these are not only good for nail growth but also help them in staying healthy and strong while at the same time the color makes the nails look pleasing to the eye.

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