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Common Hair Loss

Hair Disorders can range from common to something quite complex. Among the most common hair disorders is Hair Loss which is seen in both males and females even though it is quite prominent in males. Other than this, infections are also quite common in the scalp that cause itching and scaling of the scalp and come under hair disorders. Hair Loss which in medical terms is termed as Alopecia is a significant cause of worry for both males and females due to the increasing number of cases of this disorder.

Some Of The Common Hair Disorders

Head Lice:

A head louse is a tan or grayish insect about the size of a strawberry seed. It feeds on human blood from a person's scalp.

Alopecia Areata:

This is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system of the body mistakenly attacks the hair follicles and stopping hair growth. This results in the individual suffering hair loss.


The most common hair disorder which is medically termed as Seborrhea is a common condition that affects the oil glands in the face and scalp. An individual with Dandruff will have flaking of the scalp. There may also be redness and severe itching of the scalp. The severity of the symptoms is variable and range from mild to severe in intensity.


This is a common bacterial infection in which there is inflammation of the hair follicles in a specific area. This usually occurs in areas where there is irritation such as after shaving, or when there is friction of the skin or rubbing of the clothes such as the genital areas. Folliculitis is mainly caused by the Streptococcus bacteria that are naturally present on the skin.

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