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Skin Care

Dermatologic Surgery involves use of surgical procedures and minimally invasive techniques to keep the skin healthy, rejuvenated and flawless. This branch of Dermatology also deals in diagnosis and treatment of numerous cosmetic problems involving the hair, nails, veins and the mucous membranes through different approaches, both surgical & nonsurgical.

Dermatologic Surgery has made important advancements in technology which has transformed the way dermatologic surgeries are being done nowadays. Most of the procedures are minimally invasive requiring just local anaesthesia. These methods ensures greater patient safety, faster recovery periods & minimal to no downtime.

Also, the results of these events have been extremely confident with almost 100% success rate. The research for more progressive techniques in the field of Dermatologic Surgery in Chennai is still ongoing to come up with procedures which provide patients with a beautiful and flawless natural skin.

Best Skin Care Clinic in Chennai,
Dr. Rajeshwari’s Clinic in Chennai offers best surgical results for skin conditions that are not amenable to conservative treatments with successful outcomes in procedures already carried out.

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