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DHT Hair Transplant Procedure

Right from the dawn of the 21st century when hair transplant was first introduced, this technique quickly captured the imagination of many people, youngsters and adults alike. Several new techniques for doing a hair transplant came to the fore. Among them was the Direct Hair Transplant. It is the most novel technique and provides probably the best outcome with continuous growth of natural looking hairs. It is a noninvasive technique which eliminates the risk of scars. This technique does not involve the use of scalpels and the best part of this technique is that it is pain free. After the completion of this procedure the new hair continues to grow naturally throughout the life. The primary aim of the DHT technique of hair transplantation is to boost the growth of natural hair and improve the life of the hair follicles by limiting the exposure of the hair follicles to outside environment. A DHT or a Direct Hair Transplant involves implantation of hair follicles one by one from the donor site to the recipient site. The hair follicles are placed at a precise angle and depth to achieve maximum output and natural looking hairs. DHT is noninvasive and recovery period is quite fast.

The results of DHT transplantation can be visible within a couple of months of the procedure. It normally takes about a year for full hair growth to be seen and observed. The best part about DHT is that there is continuous growth of hair throughout the life of the individual.

How is a DHT Procedure Done?

DHT procedure involves two phases, namely extraction and Placement phase.


In this phase, the donor site is identified and the hair follicles are taken out one at a time from the area using a specialized tool.


The hair follicles are implanted directly into the recipient area in a single one-step process. It ensures the right depth, direction and angle at the same time.

DHT the best Hair Transplant Technique?

Direct hair transplant technique is considered to be perhaps the best in the business because of many reasons, some of which include

Effective in Both Sexes:

The very fact that DHT is equally successful in both males as well as females makes it unique as this is not the case with other forms of hair transplantation techniques.

Quick Recovery:

In majority of the cases, DHT procedure requires not even a day of recovery and patients can go about their business at maximum the next day of the procedure.

Quick Return to Exercise:

it normally takes about a couple of weeks for an individual who has undergone DHT to return back swimming and other forms of exercise routine. However, heavy exercises like lifting weights generally require a period of about a month before resuming.

Any Part of Body Can be Used:

Another feature of the DHT Hair Transplantation technique is if there is not enough hair on the scalp to transplant, hairs from other areas of the body can be used.

Natural Looking Hairs:

Post a DHT hair Transplantation, the results start to become evident within a matter of a couple of months. However, it normally takes about a year to see the full effect of this technique with 100% natural hair clearly observed. The incisions or slits in the recipient area are created first; DHT uses a proprietary implanter which helps to implant hair follicles in the premade recipient slits.


DHT is a completely noninvasive technique meaning that no scalpels or other surgical equipment is required. The hair follicles are extracted using a specialized tool thus preventing any chances of a trauma or infection post transplantation.

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