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DHI Hair Transplant Procedure

DHI Hair Transplant Procedure Direct Hair Implantation is by far the most advanced form of hair transplantation technique. A specialized tool called the extractor is used to remove hairs from the donor area one by one and is implanted on the recipient area. The extractor has a diameter of less a millimeter and is extremely fine. This procedure requires services of extremely skilled and experienced surgeons which is what makes it different from other hair transplantation procedures. The extracted hair is then placed carefully over the recipient area by the implanter with precision in depth and angle for 100% natural growing hair.

Once the hair is transplanted, it stats growing naturally and within a year’s time, the individual gets free flowing natural hairs. The new hairs have the same texture and quality as the natural hairs an there is no effect on them due to shaving or styling. The maximum benefit after a HI is only seen after about a year from transplantation even though hair growth can be observed within a couple of months.

DHI Procedure

A DHI or Direct Hair Transplantation procedure is done under local anesthesia. It normally takes about a couple of hours for one session to be complete. Depending on the amount of hair required to be transplanted, the number of sessions required are determined. The implanter helps in placing the hair follicle at the exact depth and angle so that natural hair growth is facilitated.

There is no recovery time for a DHI process. As soon as the anesthesia wears off, the individual can get back to normal activities. However, physicians normally recommend at least a day’s rest before resuming work.

Why is DHI best Hair Transplant?

The best part about DHI is that it is a noninvasive procedure and is absolutely painless. Since there are no incisions required for the transplant, the chances of an infection become negligible. Additionally, DHI has proven to give 100% natural hairs at the end of the treatment which is yet another benefit of this form of hair transplantation.

Due to the noninvasive nature of DHI, there is no scarring and thus it is extremely hard to even identify whether an individual has undergone a hair transplantation procedure and it is also pain free. What makes the DHI procedure different from other techniques used for hair transplantation is that it increases the survival rate of the hair follicles by more than 90% which means that the individual can have long lasting hairs for a life time.

This along with literally very short recovery period and very less requirement of donor hair makes it the best hair transplantation technique as of now for 100% natural hair growth.

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